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How does the publisher program work?
cpmbucks will pay you for unique traffic; plus 10% of your active referrals earnings. You may request payment manually to be paid by PayPal or PayZa. The minimum requirements for payments: Payza $5, and PayPal $5. You must go to the payment area and enter your payment account email address to receive your payment. Payments are sent within 10 days of your request.

Can I become a cpmbucks Publisher?
Yes, anyone is allowed to become a publisher as long as your site does NOT contain anything deemed by cpmbucks to be illegal, or offensive. Your site MUST be written entirely in English.

Do you allow publishers from all countries?
Yes, we welcome publishers from all countries.

Does it cost anything to become a publisher?
No, it is absolutely free to join, and you can earn a residual income every month.

Am I allowed to have more than one account?
NO, You are allowed only ONE account.

Do you pay for traffic, from all countries?
Yes, we have world wide coverage.

Do you pay for all impressions, from each publisher?
We pay for unique IPS in a 24 hour period, globally. Don't contact us about stats, we pay globally for unique traffic. If you send same IPS as others, than IP has been seen until 24 hours again.

How do I become an Advertiser?
Currently, we are not accepting new advertisers. We have our own in-house advertisers.

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